#StickItToCOVID Stories

Canadian beauty & personal care industry professionals are sharing how they #StickItToCOVID!

“Almost ready to go for my first Covid shoot”

Toronto, ON

“Stylists have suffered. Our clients have suffered. #StickItToCOVID”

Sarnia, ON

“Business has changed so much since covid! I have high hopes that one day it will turn around.”

Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

“Having experienced Covid-19, I realize the impact it can have on people and the community, and know how easy it can spread. The most important thing to me is wearing masks and having extra sanitization protocols. I want to keep my clients as safe as possible, they have always been so supportive, and I want to do my part in keeping them healthy! So #StickItToCovid and let’s all work together to keep the beauty industry safe and welcoming”

Victoria, BC

“During shut down I was able to renovate and organize my salon to better service my clients and also complete an online class to offer a new service!”

Stephenville, NL

“I survived 2 lock downs and I’m now still as busy as ever”

Flatrock, NL

“I have asthma and struggle sometimes with the mask and all the cleaning now required PREempt actually is the only sanitizer I can use and not react Gotta say when your coughing like crazy during a pandemic you definitely need to explain a lot”

Maple Ridge, BC

“I had Covid, I was sick for 10 days i used plants i harvest for medicine in the summertime.it helped me deal with some of the symptoms. I sterilized everything when i was in my living room, no one else in my home got sick. I value time with family.. I live a healthy lifestyle, I value life.”

Kitimat, BC

“I always wear a mask every where I go and always disinfect my hands”

Montreal, QC

“I kept positive and kept myChair a drama COVID free zone. So my guests can relax and not worry about the world for a while”

Red Deer, AB

“Got vaccinated, wear masks 100% of the time, don’t congregate in large groups, doing my part!”

Whitby, ON

“Covid sucks”

West Kelowna, BC

“I had COVID in may contracted by a coworker in the salon! We were out for almost a month! Now 6 months later, I’ve left said salon & opened my own that offers hair services, pedicures and facial waxing!!! I’m so incredibly happy! I thought COVID would be the end of my career but it truly kickstarted it for the better!!! Also, thank god for PREempt products I use them in my space to sanitize and disinfect surfaces for all my clients & myself to enjoy!!”

Trail, BC

“In this industry the professional Estheticians I know, have grown and changed continuously to evolve with this ever expanding profession of cosmetology.. Well well, if we have had a whirlwind of CHANGE in our industry over the last two years, EH!? Thank goodness for hospital grade disinfectants like Pre-Empt. My Covid story is about uplifting people in a fear-stricken world. We must remember what we do this for and why. As a college instructor at a Nova Scotia Aesthetics College I knew that tensions would be high after the first outbreak. My job as a leader to new esthetician’s lash technician and waxologists, is to uplift and share in people’s passions. No way I will let a virus stop this class or any other class from being successful. The consensus from my students was that they were not “comfortable”. Their opinion is valid but as I reiterated to them, we are going to be the safest province for practicing now due to our fabulous Pre-Empt Products and our association’s strict guidelines of infection control. People are prone to wanting comfort, but what is comfort? Being comfortable is, a resting phase, choosing to stand still over growing, taking the easy way if Covid has taught my students anything it is that there is no easy path to a prosperous life. After all not one girl is ready to take their first client, but they thrive after wards and reward themselves for doing it anyway. Pushing people out of their comfort zones is my profession so what was different about a pandemic? Positivity is A hard concept without a global pandemic but every day we practiced affirmations and focused on the good in the world because there is still so much good .Being an esthetician isn’t about doing nails it is about making people feel their best, experience joy and connection where they might not have.. We adapt, by being adaptable we grow more then we ever thought we could. We grow in times of trauma and stress, just as the tree starts as a seed, we build the necessary coping mechanisms to deal with the changes in our industry. So I say bring on the change/ we can adapt <3"

Halifax, NS

“Between all the ups and downs of getting shut down 3 times, COVID has really affected our business. We were very slow when we were open and COVID in our province has not been handled well. We have still managed to maintain our business and help our clients feel beautiful!”

St. Albert, AB

“I had to enter this industry because of covid and glad to know who to stay safe and keep my clients safe too”

Dartmouth, NS

“Sick of The harsh lockdowns”

Edmonton, AB

“I started my career in September of 2019 and have worked tirelessly to build clientele, and learn so much through this pandemic and perfecting my skills as an esthenetician! Education has always been incredibly important to me so during lock downs I have tired to advance my career by learning new techniques or new services to allow more services to my clients! I have been looking for ways to start my own business during this pandemic and this will get me one step closer to achieve my goal of owning my own business in the beauty industry”

Rimbey, AB

“I’ve chosen to have hope that the beauty industry will turn around. I just can’t quit, that’s my motto. I run my own salon in my house and I’m still a viable business. We all have to do our best to stay positive and wait out the storm. Peace and love to everyone in this industry, we’ll come out the other side!!”

Edmonton, AB

“This is not much of a story. But when keeping up with proper cleaning, sanitizing, & sterilization practices within my spa my clients have complete comfort in coming in for treatment. They feel very safe. #Stickittocovid.”

Salford, ON

“I survived 3 lockdowns and my business is great!”

Grande Prairie, AB

“Covid has hit us all in one way or another. Between knowing what you can and cannot do is extremely frustrating but seeing smiles on my clients faces once their nails are done again is worth it. In this industry we are always disinfecting and sanitizing at all times, if it means doing more to keep my clients safe and happy well that’s what we do.”

Bowden, AB

“I wear a mask and sanitize my hands.”

Hamilton, ON

“Quebec was really strict with covid so it was really hard to keep clients coming back after closing and opening.. so I did special deals and draws to keep my clients in the loop when i had to close.”

Harrington Harbour, QC

“I’m so sick of being shut down so many times when all I’ve done is listen to the rules I am double vaccinated and would like to keep my doors open so please everybody do your part”

Whitecourt, AB

“I don’t have much of a story as I was on maternity leave for a year into covid. Came back for a month or two and then a lockdown hit, worked a few months and needed surgery. I’m so proud of the Salon I work at and my boss for pushing through the pandemic! I would definitely share my winnings with the ladies <3"

Edmonton, AB

“I have owned my own hair salon for 29 years and still counting!! COVID had me shut down for 3 months in 2020 and 1 month in 2021. I took the time off and redecorated my salon and did a few online courses, I am back busier than ever!”

Norman's Cove-Long Cove, NL

“Even during covid I still went to school to be a hairdresser”

Calgary, AB

“I went to school back in 2018 to be an esthetician and 2020 was really getting to me to I went back to school and became a nail tech as well. Best thing I ever did!”

Calgary, AB

“I was in school for 3 weeks when everything got shut down. I finished later than expected, but with a 4.0 GPA! So proud. I decided to start a Mobile Spa, so people who can’t get out or aren’t comfortable going out, can still get pampered! So far this year I’ve had to close multiple times, but I keep pushing through! My clients are grateful for the traveling service, and I’m grateful they picked me as their new Estie-bestie!”

Port Hope, ON

“Always use hand sanitizers , PREempt wipes to clean between services. I like many stylists have been sure to stick to protocol. I am someone who has actually contacted covid , I followed protocol to a T.I tracked my clients and None thankfully contacted COVID through me nor did they bring it into the salon. I am grateful for that. Sadly, I’m a covid long hauler but I am remaining positive.”

Kamloops, BC

“Frustrated with the restrictions but so happy to be working.”

London, ON

“Trying to keep everyone safe”

Avondale, NL

“Cleaning and the upmost respect to every client”

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, NL

“Love Preempt, I use it all over my salon!”

Fort St. John, BC

#StickItToCOVID “”Doing all we can to keep our clients, and ourselves safe during their visits with us.””

Calgary, AB

“Love PREempt!”

Thunder Bay, ON

“I made a huge career shift on February 15 2020, I left my career of 6.5 years and jumped full force into the hair world after juggling both hair and a job as a mental health worker. After only a month in we shut down due to the pandemic. I had months to sit at home and think if I made the right choice. I really struggled and almost felt like a failure since I got into the hairstylist world later on in my life. This pandemic almost stole my dream to be a hairstylist and even affected my mental health. After much thought and finally being able to return I am thankfully back on track building myself up in the hairstyling world and accomplishing all the goals I set for myself.”

Brampton, ON

“Due to covid I lost my job working at a commission salon, now I am operating my own business and opening my own studio soon!”

Stratton, ON

“Although the anxiety of coming after being shut down for so long it felt different this time because I think I knew this time we truly were gonna fight and stick together even more to get through these hard times. Blessed to have such a wonderful team backing us up and protecting us and our clients loved ones and friends so we can keep beautifying the world”

Thunder Bay, ON

“Our new normal is keeping my staff and clients safe.”

Thunder Bay, ON

“I opened my new salon in December of 2020 despite the pandemic and it hasn’t slowed us down at all! #StickItToCOVID”

Penticton, BC

“Keeping the salon clean with the use of PREempt products keeping our team and guest safe “

Kamloops, BC

“I’m still here! Over covid I rebuilt my business and now offering online nail education and now that we are open, in person. Education! “

Thunder Bay, ON

“After months of lockdown and finally being able to get back to work I feel we all just want to stick it to covid lol so happy to be back doing what I love!”

Greater Sudbury, ON

“No story just use it 100% every day between clients Love the product.. “

Dry Gulch, BC

“Had to install a 23,000 vent system to be reopen to keep my clients safer.”

Winnipeg, MB

“With help of all the cleaning products from Icon, I was able to go back to work at the salon with confidence.

Abbotsford, BC

Ready to keep things clean & keep things going!”

Lac la Hache, BC

Clean and disinfect more and more its my life.”

Oro-Medonte, ON

I’m doing my part to keep others safe.”

Saskatoon, SK

Lots of extra cleaning taking place to keep everyone safe. It has also allowed me to related with my clients on a whole new level as our world changes each day.”

Biggar, SK

Ready to get back in full force offering a piece of mind to clients knowing that proper sanitation methods are being carried out!”

Calgary, AB

Feeling confident that my salon is clean & disinfected and ready for clients when using PREempt.”

Calgary, AB

I #stickittocovid by going to work and being vaccinated!”

Saskatoon, SK

Locked down for 3 times! Let’s stay open. 🙌🏼”

Vaughan, ON

I’m a junior hairstylist who entered the beauty industry just as COVID-19 was making its mark across the world. So many people in our industry were put on pause through lockdowns and outbreaks, making many things uncertain. Being so new, with so many new things implemented in our industry – I jumped into a whole new world of hair as we worked together to support each other in new ways, making new connections and supporting each other in ways I’ve never experienced before. I quickly lit a new fire within myself, taking any and all extra education I could find, pushing myself out of comfort zones and entering hair competition to pass the time, expanding my knowledge and perfecting my new skill set. I knew we had an impact on people as stylist, but I didn’t truly understand the depth we touched until lockdowns were lifted and I now became a support system to those in my chair, listening to their stories and how much it effected everyone’s lives – in so many different ways. Though we have yet to see the pandemic come to an end, one thing I know for sure is that I am stronger than the obstacles thrown in our way. I am resilient. I am capable and I love what I do, more than ever before. The comeback is always greater than our set backs!!”

Regina, SK

I am one of the Lucky ones, have not stopped working while our film sets have been a little more COVID Friendly, and our hugs have been few…. Working with actors while wearing PPE Gear to keep us safe, I haven’t missed a beat! Love styling and smiling, your just have to safe, we are in a different time in the Industry. Grateful to still be able to do what I Love. 💇🏻‍♀️💓🎬”

Toronto, ON

Double vaccinated & doing my part to keep my work space clean by using PREempt! Can’t wait to travel again!”

Gander, NL

I’ve changed my hair about 7 times! I’m so excited to go back to doing other peoples hair.”

Belleoram, NL

In this very crazy time I will open a Salon! Tach of elegance is my baby.”

Winkler, MB

Being forced closed during a covid lockdown was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced! I’m so extremely happy to be back in the studio making my clients beautiful again! Preempt has been with me from the beginning of my career. I pride myself to share a clean and safe studio with my clients and I love my career. This past two years have not been easy on someone like me who is self employed. Given the chance to win anything, I’d be so happy! Thank you for the opportunity!”

Winnipeg, MB

Covid has been tough.”

Cocagne, NB

Ugh sums it up well. On top of having my small home studio closed for each lockdown I ended up in critical care with Covid. Now I am only able to work part time as I have long haul health issues from having Covid! So I def say #stickittoCovid!!!!!”

London, ON

I made one of the biggest jumps in my career to date during the pandemic. I took my future into own hands and became a chair renter. After 14years, I’m finally working for myself. Lockdowns sure give you time to think lol.”

London, ON

Working in my home based studio I gave the utmost care and concern for not only my family but of each guest as well. I use my PREempt products diligently as I know they ask trust me to keep them safe at all times. From the cleaning and sanitizing of the studio and tools to everywhere in the home….ie: bathrooms, sinks, handles and so much more. I cannot thank the industry enough for having these safety products on hand for all of to use to do our part in this everyday environment.”

Lethbridge, ON

“The Covid shutdown really took a hit to my “booming” business. I was the most busy I had been since I went on my own in 2017. I was working 12-16 hours 6 days a week! So when I got shut down it was a huge adjustment in so many ways! But it was a much needed break , a break I did know I needed! When I was able to reopen I was scared, thought I would struggle to get my clientele back… but luckily I got most of my clients to return and so many new ones!! Business is back booming ! Covid didn’t stop my lovely clients from coming back!”

Stephenville, NL

“Now that we are back open I’m teaching nail classes to the newer graduates since we don’t have the opportunities of the cntc because of covid! BUT that wont stop us from learning! #stickittocovid”

Cocagne, NB

“I left a company I helped build for 6 years because they were not following covid guidelines. I got my certificate in barbicide knowledge and continued to disinfect between clients, new capes and masks. As well as getting vaccinated to help stop the spread!”

Perdue, SK

“I’m a nail technician in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. We were shut down for about 3 months when covid first broke out. I’ve been back working in the salon now since June 2020.”

Prince Albert, SK

“We were closed for almost 3 months, and thanks to PREempt and some amazing Protocols our community felt safe coming to our establishment. We remained a Covid free environment and experienced some of the busiest months since opening 5 years ago.”

Langley, BC

“I wear masks with all clients and have hand sanitizer available and gloves if needed. My customers wear masks as well and hand sanitize. Nothing will come in the way of true beauty!!”

Lethbridge, AB

“I opened my salon 2 weeks before COVID shut down all nail salons in BC. I spent my time doing courses offered by other nail technicians and re opened once restrictions were lifted.”

Keremeos, BC

“I took my space in Feb 2020 to open my lash studio after getting certified in 2019, saving and working towards opening my lash studio. Enter covid in March. Despite the challenges I was able to retain all of my clients after each lockdown and am now taking a larger space on the main street of our small town.”

Stayner, ON

“I closed my salon at the beginning of COVID, due to living somewhere with very tight restrictions. I kept on top of my game with continuing education (a lot of it!!) and now that things are opening up again, I’m reopening my salon in a new city! Back, and better than ever!!!”

Prince Albert, SK

“I am a certifying nail technician in Fort McMurray, AB. I started my certification during the pandemic because I needed to find a way to do my own nails. I am loving being my own boss and meeting new clients. Covid has definitely made it harder to start up my home business but I’m actually enjoying the challenge.”

Fort McMurray, AB

“Got my certification during covid and ready to say goodbye to covid to be able to service more clients.”

Corner Brook, NL

“Covid has sucked and we’ve been through also much but making sure our workspace and our clients are safe at all times is by using great products to clean and sanitize and keeping our mental health and physical health up and creating a community where everyone feel safe to come to your space that’s how we stick it to Covid and how I have continued to stick it to Covid is by doing all of the above and continually educating myself and being Sent and hoping that this will all be over so soon!”

Langley, BC

“After being closed for close to a year due to covid although our line of work is held to the highest standard of sterility. Nothing changed for us in our process of sterilization as we already take all precautions in that sense. The only thing added to our profession was masks and limits on the amount of people we see a day. So suck it covid for taking away so many things from us!”

Thunder Bay, ON


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