#StickItToCOVID Stories

#StickItToCOVID Stories

Canadian Beauty Pros are sharing how they #StickItToCOVID & are Back Once Again!

“Sadly my Nail Salon is closed because of Covid. I was not able to recover.”


“I’ve been vaccinating on my days off from my business to get people covered. We start to vaccinate the 5-11 year olds in 2 weeks. I’m doing this because I want to do whatever I can to stop our businesses from closure and keep us all healthy. I’m still an RN of 25+ years as well as running my business”

Beaver Bank, NS

“I’ve been using PreEmpt long before COVID was a thing!”

Williamsburg, ON

“I had to take a few months off due to shutdowns, went from being hourly to only commission, lost a bunch of my clients due to them moving away… it sucked. Now I’m back to hourly, making more money than I did pre COVID and I even have more clients than before. #stickittoCOVID”

St. John's, NL

“After salons shut down I decided to start an online portion to help others take care of there hair at home and get in salon results at home! My oath as a hairdresser is to keep the integrity of my clients hair and I strive to do just that as a distributor!”


“It’s been really hard close my salon twice and I found solace in working on dolls. Keeping creativity alive. I now not only do clients, I also color wigs and the quarantines brought me this new passion.”

Longueuil, QC

“I started hairstyling school right at the peak of covid! I stuck through and have graduate and can finally work in the salon again!”

Burlington, ON

“Like most of the country, I was laid for for 5 months in total due to Covid. Once returning to the spa I worked at, I felt something was missing, I wasn’t as happy as I was before lockdown. I came to the decision to begin renting a suite and try being a solo esthetician. I am so glad I made the jump, and am unsure if I would have without having to go through covid lockdown”

Paradise, NL

“During Covid I had to adapt to being closed so I made pressons to challenge myself. I also took extra training to further my skill set and improve my technique. Covid has been hard on this industry and myself but I tried to make the most of it.”

Thunder Bay, ON

“I didn’t get my high school graduation so #stickittocovid”

Martensville, SK

“I actually got my nail tech certification during the middle of covid. And if that hasn’t shown me how hard covid has been on this industry I’m not entirely sure what would.”

Balgonie, SK

“Following the first lockdown I’ve encounter a salon owner change over after my previous boss and mentor passed away. Devastated I wanted to stay and keep her salon the way she would of wish for but unfortunately that wasn’t possible with new management overhead. So with a heavy heart I decided to move on and find a new salon family. I will be forever grateful for every experience I get in this industry, it’s always going to be more than about the hair !”

Paradise, NL

“I have been a stylist for 36yrs and a salon owner for 34 yrs”

Belle River, PE

“I left a toxic job in a pandemic and had to basically restart my clientele”

Kamloops, BC

“Just like every other stylist in our industry, I’m just trying to make the best of this these last 2 years and appreciate my colleagues and my lovely clients.”

Belle River, ON

“Always finding ways to involve with changing unpredictable time that we face daily”

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

“After months and months of salon closures trying to get back to on track business wise I was so happy to win an award for trend vision for Wella professional”

St. John's, NL

“A month before covid hit, i found out i was pregnant.. i’m a hairstylist and we shit down for a bit. Eventually we reopened, but i was so scared because i was pregnant. i got through it, worked until i had to come off work. But covid was still going strong. i had no hope for the next year or being able to return to work next year. Throughout the next year i had given up my dreams in the beauty industry. I’m young and can’t raise a baby like this. I had applied for school. Deep down i knew that going back to school wasn’t what i wanted. So instead i done some aesthetic courses. I’m glad i did, i now have a job i love and work with amazing people.”


“Hey ! I have currently been a hairstylist for 6 years. I love my job making people look and feel good is the main reason I do this. I love working with new clients every day and putting a stylist on there face. Over the past two years my store has been closed for eight months in total which has been severely hard on everyone. To be given a chance to learn new opportunities and go on a trip might exactly be what we need. I would be amazing to learn from people there.”

Wasaga Beach, ON

“I make sure that I have up to the minute information from all of my clients, guaranteeing their highest level of safety against the virus before arriving. Thank goodness for the helpful messaging Apps!”

Delta, BC

“When this pandemic started I worked right through it and delivered meals to seniors I was scared of the unknown”

Winnipeg, MB

“Enabling Beauty Salons with online sales tools & launching an affiliate program for beauty salons’ customers during the pandemic to help them generate revenue during lockdowns!”

Niagara Falls, ON

“Received both of my vaccines, following all protocols and trying to stay positive. So happy to be back behind the chair.”

Sudbury, ON

“I decided to return to school during the pandemic and applied for cosmetology. I was accepted & completed my course with honours!”

Grand Bank, NL

“As a Hairdresser we were closed then opened etc etc. It was hard on our whole industry. Not only that I had to have surgery in the middle of it all. #StickItToCOVID”

Niagara Falls, ON

“Im a hairstylist and I wear a mask and always carry disinfectant in my pocket’

Hornby Island, BC

“My partner and I were supposed to open up our dream salon in April but covid had other plans for us. Finally in July we were able to open our doors :)”

South Augusta, ON

“Covid has taught me that having the extra time with family is priceless and it’s also taught me that there is alot of people in the world that are soo selfess”

Port Colborne, ON

“After medical clearance from doc, finally on my way to becoming fully vaccinated!”

Dawson Creek, BC

“As much as the pandemic caused our salon to close, we ate moving into our new location before December 2021, stick it to covid”

Halifax, NS

“I was let go from my salon due to covid and decided i was ready to branch out on my own and started my own mobile business!”

Kelowna, BC

“I just opened a new salon and spa. I chose to not vaccinate and now I am in danger of getting shut down.”

Bonavista, NL

“I’m a salon owner/stylist, living in Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador! Covid didn’t hit NL as hard numbers wise, but regulations and shutdowns resulted in no work and then having to pick up the shattered pieces of what was once normal, and rearrange them into the “”new norm””. Masks, sanitize, 1 client at a time, contact tracing, rumors and accusations (small town life), just so many changes in such little time, that just made your head spin! And let’s not forget the fear that the unknown had brought! Anyways, once we reopened in June I hit the ground running, working long hours and extra days to fit in clients who hadn’t had their hair done for the 3 month shutdown! Skip ahead to December, just when I was getting thr hang of everything, finds out I’m pregnant! So on top of covid now I have to make sure my baby is safe while working with public and being on my feet all day everyday! Let’s just say, work life balance is not something I manage well, but since covid and my little boys arrival, I have learned that life can switch up in a minute and you just have to enjoy it while we’re still here! So I guess good things really did come out of what I thought was a devastating issue at the time!”

Bonavista, NL

“Covid took away my chance to experience my last year of highschool and now here I am graduated from hairstyling after missing many weeks of school from having to get tested when sick or even just being shut down for a few weeks! I now have my own business and am super excited to help everyone feel their true beautiful selves. #StickItToCOVID”


“The salon i worked in closed due to covid so I started to work for myself. Continuing doing my clients buy starting my own business hair on wheels .where I go to clients house to do there hair .”

Tors Cove, NL

“We opened our spa in 2020. We took over on Feb 20, 2020 and had an opening date of March 15, 2020. And that’s the exact date that the COVID-19 lockdown started. We finally opened partially with restrictions in July and closed again in November, and finally re-opened in June 2021. I am glad we stuck through and survived.”


“I embraced what I couldn’t control when I wasn’t able to do hair and kept my hands busy by taking up gardening :)”

Toronto, ON

“My salon was just hitting peak operations when covid hit and shut us into lockdown. We had a rough start back with clientele, but we made it though each and every lock down determined to come back stronger everytime. I used the lockdowns as time to invest in more knowledge and training for myself to push my skills to the next level! -Bonnie-Jane Poole NFLD,CA”


“Working as an independent stylist through Covid, mandates, closures and still managed to have the best year behind the chair yet!”

Battleford, SK

“Covid is real but the extent we’re told is so false Governments around the World lying to us!”

Lombardy, ON

“I work at a small boutique spa, there is only 2 of us that work there! Myself & my manager/owner/lead esthetician! We have been shut down by the government 3 separate times since the pandemic began. We pushed through & continue to push through – since covid we have introduced 4 new services, brought in 2 new tools/devices to improve 2 of our services & also brought in 2 big name professional skincare lines – that have quickly become apart of our top 3 selling lines! We’re hoping to finish the year stronger than ever! #StickItToCOVID”

herwood Park, AB

“Important for salon Gloves, face mask & handsanitizer”

Toronto, ON

“Shut down for almost 1 year due to Covid, but our salon is back and better than ever!!!”

Toronto, ON

“I transformed 350 square feet of largely unusable, neglected, awful space and opened a “haberdashery”. It was demolished and rebuilt with intention and integrity and I made contacts across the globe so that I could retail their work. It is a space that is thoughtful, carefully curated with “smalls”: small, unique brands/artists and ranges from wonderful Japanese Storage/Home to Canadian Handmade Soaps. Social media is helping build momentum and clients are being exposed to never before seen work and are happily supporting the endeavour and securing great hair!—including the artists and vendors and are actively cultivating their lives with Good Style”

Kingston, ON

“Got covid in March 2021, survived, then got vaccinated!”

Moose Jaw, SK

“At my workplace, a resident got covid positive. We provided her all the services in room without thinking about ourselves.. now that resident is perfectly fine. :)”


“I used my closed time to take Redken colour specialist classes. Plus I am double vaccinated . Ready to travel”


“I really missed my clients due to the shutdown. Hairstylists were the only trade in Ontario that were shut down. We are professionals who have always taken infection control and the welfare of others our number 1 priority. Glad to be back!”

QClifford, ON

“I got very sick in 2019, we left Canada for the Dominican for our annual trip and I was so sick while there I had no voice I spent an entire week coughing and sneezing I came home and was ill for 5+ weeks shrugged it off as it was just a cold or the flu and then the end of the year Covid 19 was officially announced and knowing how I felt the first time there was no way I was going to repeat this I have taking all necessary precautions including the double vax.”


“mat leave finished right when covid got started but i decided to strong and keep pushing through because hairstyling is my passion”

Coquitlam, BC

“Opened a new Brick & Mortar right in the height of covid.”


“Started up my own business right after the first shut down. Now running successfully for over a year and going strong.”


“Got certified mar 3.2019! Bad timing but persevered through it all”


“Expanded my salon and bought commercial real estate and hired staff during this pandemic!”

Calgary, AB

“My services have been cut short because of the masks mandatory and vaccinations going the way they are people are being forced I believe where there is risk there should be a choice”

Beiseker, AB

“Covid sucks. Hard times but now we are back open and killin it!”

Hamilton, ON

“I had to push through the first year and got a job at a new salon that opened just at the beginning of the pandemic. It has been a hard journey but so rewarding!”

Bill's Corners, ON

“I chose to be an industry leader and set the highest standard of client care in my salon. Safety and comfort is my upmost concern.”

Victoria, BC

“We were set to sign a lease on a place for our beauty supply store location. Covid locked us down, instead of giving up, we negotiated some free months of rent and did a Reno to the space. We opened our store in June! While it’s been a huge challenge we have been able to stay afloat! Covid hasn’t made any of this easy but it also hasn’t been able to stop our dream!”

Terrace, BC

“rose above shut downs, innovated and expanded, bought a new laser, a new car! Up yours Covid! I won that round.”

St. Albert, AB

“Like many professionals, I also lost my job the beginning of the pandemic but wasn’t able to go back when deemed safe to work. I created new work by having a mobile business as well as a semi permanent home based business !”

Saskatoon, SK

“Studio was closed 3 times in 2020, but clients were happy to return and support me and my business!”

Spruce Grove, AB

“As an ex nurse I worked incredibly hard to ensure my salon was safe for my whole team including installing a dedicated hand washing sink. I didn’t let covid get me down when we had to close. I spent three days designing an online store to keep us afloat. That stire is still thriving to this day and it helped keep us going when I was worried the pandemic would ruin us”

Victoria, BC

“Because of Covid and being laid off l I branched out on my own initially offering mobile spa services and now have expanded to my own spa room and looking at expanding further! Take that Covid! I’m a successful business owner because of it!”

Castlegar, BC

“Switched salons during the pandemic although it was scary and hard it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Hard work pays off”

Regina, SK

“Finished hair school during Covid, having to do a portion of learning online. Now I have been in the industry for one year, at an amazing salon and doing amazing!”

Regina, SK

“I worked all last year through covid while being pregnant with my first son as a care aide , all while my husband was addicted to painkillers. Take that covid.”

Kamloops, BC

“When covid first started amongst the general public not fully believing yet that it was serious I was prepared to have to end my nail career and go to school for something more practical at that time. I thought my dream of being big in the industry was washed away with a single swoop of this terrible sickness. I waited patiently for the vaccine and (although I am not the biggest fan of needles) as soon as it became available I was on a mission to get that vaccine and hopefully my dream back. I lost a lot of clients and a lot of friends. I’m so happy to be able to say that those close to me all stayed safe from covid and with them all there is even more reason to give every set my all.”

Saskatoon, SK

“My way to stick it to covid is to continue to live and thrive. No pandemic is going to slow me down. I got vaccinated twice and will get the booster so I can live and continue living. This has done so much to all of us especially the beauty industry. I said I continued to live and have fun protected with all the government required but I did not give up my friends and family. They are who kept me strong and it brought us closer. So in ways thanks covid and in other ways stick it to you.”

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

“Through think and thin I started my own business just month before everything got shut down for covid, but I kept pushing and my loyal clients stuck with me through everything. I am so thankful!”

Mount Pearl, NL

“I expanded my business right before covid started. It was the worst possible timing. I was so scared I’d lose everything, especially being the sole income earner for my family. (My husband was in a bad accidnet and hasn’t been able to work for a few years now). But he kept telling me, build it and they will come. And now we are THRIVING. I have two hair stylists renting for me, a cosmetic injector who comes twice a month and I do lashes, brows, spray tanning and teeth whitening!!”

Carleton, ON

“I got all my Shot for Covid and my yearly flu shot because I’m such a good girl”

Myrna Lee
Edmonton, AB

“Starting up my business during the covid restrictions was definitely a challenge to say the least. I had to spend countless hours training on current protocols and sanitization processes but now I feel confident and happier than ever! My clientele are really embracing the changes!”


“Doing my best to prevent the spread of covid and staying home when possible. Only allowing clients with masks and vaccinations into my spa to ensure safety for others and myself! Stay safe!”

Mount Pearl, NL

“salon shut downs gave me regrowth and formulation nightmares for when clients come back!”

Calgary, AB

“Relaxed focused on my health and dealt with every day as it came”


“I have been doing my best to make customers feel special when they are here. I also have been sending them home with a small bag of handmade chocolates to know they are appreciated and to make them smile.”

Lakeville, NB

“I have been in this amazing industry for 18 years now. I’m a 4th generation hair dresser and educator with matrix Canada. Covid definitely has completely flipped my life upside down. Closing the salon for months at a time and all in person classes being canceled really throw me for a loop but I got to say this time also gave me a moment to reflect and fully appreciate what I do and I couldn’t be more grateful to be back at the best job in the world.”

Edmonton, AB

“I’m happy to say I (along with all my family) is fully vaccinated. It’s me doing my part to help control the spread of Covid-19. It’s giving my clients peace of mind and offering them a safe environment to enjoy their esthetics services I offer.”

Brownsdale, NL

“Opened my eyes and realized how much I wanted to be my own boss and am opening a salon in my home!”


“I was one of the many woman to have a baby during a pandemic, which meant being EXTRA vigilant when it came to sanitization and disinfection. I made safety my first priority when it came to being at work, and home, to ensure that my clients and family did not get sick.”

Saskatoon, SK

“Fully vaccinated so hopefully I can attend more classes and keep my head in the game. Always great to keep up with the latest trends & then be able to put your own twist on them!”

Cambridge, ON

“reopening 3 times from covid lockdowns its crazy tough but working hard every day”

Sunderland, ON

“Stayed at home for a while, went out with friends and eventually found work now I am less bored.”

Abbotsford, BC

“I got laid off from my current job when covid started then I decided to study something new, I chose Esthetician/spa management at humber college and I found my passion during this time. I am so happy and I feel so bless to be in this industry.”

Toronto, ON

“I got Covid right before Christmas and had to isolate by myself over the holidays. But a month after. Wanted to get back to work. But used all the safety protocols”

Elmsdale, NS

“It’s been a tough ride but #stickittocovid”

Grimshaw, AB

“My stick it to Covid story was during lockdown I was phoning clients to touch base , especially older clients or single clients and we just shared our boredom stories and ideas to keep entertained,painting ,casino days card days and what shows on T.V also made colour kits for clients and got any hair products they needed . Just great to keep in touch .. cheered me up and was so fun !”

Maple Ridge, BC

“After the 2 month Covid Closure in BC, business has never been better. Jam packed with clients every day!”

Williams Lake, BC

“We have never FaceTimed with so many friends and family as we did in the last year. You truly learn to appreciate the things you once took for granted.”

Lloydminster, SK

“I quit my corporate job and opened my own 4 chair salon! I figured if I can do well under restrictions I will do amazing when it finally ends!!”

Abbotsford, BC

“I am a small business owner. I own a spa. We have been closed multiple times due to covid. In this time my mother has beef diagnosed with cancer. Yes, it’s been a very stressful time for our family. We are now back up and running (busier than ever) and my moms treatments are going smoothly. Positive thinking is key and we will get through anything #stickittoCOVID”

Cambridge, ON

“This trip would really help me #StickittoCOVID because I am doubled vaccinated but have still got covid twice! this trip would mean the world to me because it would mean that the last 2 years of my schooling & sick wouldn’t have been for absolutely nothing!!”

Kelowna, BC

“I’m just working and following the guidelines and every day I tell Covid to take a hike!”

Prince George, BC

“During covid I was able to going more clientele at my home based Business because people wanted the safety of 1 on 1 Services.”

Winnipeg, MB

“Working in Nursing field..do what you gotta do with Love!!”

Botwood, NL

“Throughout Covid I created a website for my Salon and added online shopping as well. I started a YouTube channel under the advice of the ABA, I purchased HEPA filters for inside the Salon, and a plastic Dome to cut hair outside from spring to fall. Business is booming!”

Guelph, ON

“Ended up having a baby during covid also got engaged!”

Hamilton, ON

“I just keep going and keep getting busier! Do all of my sanitizing and wearing my mask. My clients have confidence in my services and cleanliness so they keep referring others. COVID can’t stop me.”

Stony Plain, AB

“I had just finished my nail technician classes, and covid hit. Never got to gain clientele, or apply for nail technician jobs around. It really ruined starting my own business or working for someone else.”

Calgary, AB

“During Covid I signed with a Nail product company & started my product distribution business. I used the time off dying Covid for improving my work skills & creativity for nail art!”

Tia Murphy
Greens Harbour, NL

“Since covid entered the world my business has exploded. I’m busier and almost can’t keep up. From the fire we rise!! #StickittoCOVID”

Placentia, NL

“My job shut down, I was out of a job, so I decided to go back to school and do something the total opposite of what I was doing, a labourer in the oil field. Now I am a certified hair removal specialist and nail technician. I love it and I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks to covid I am doing what I love and making a good living”

Lake Echo, NS

“My story is that I personally think Covid is a bunch of B.S. I think it’s a way the government has to scare people . An I will not get any shots related to covid. It’s all a plot .”

Medicine Hat, AB

“Practice COVID-19 Prevention at all times”

Calgary, AB

“I got out and saw friends for supper out it’s been the first time in almost 2 years!! It was refreshing and needed!”

Lacombe, AB

“Covid hit our industry hard and so instead of packing it up and calling it a day I took extra courses and became a makeup artist and facial technician a honed new skills and add to my repertoire. Instead of pouting over covid”

Saskatoon, SK

“Sticking it to covid by cleaning lots, wearing my mask, getting vaccinated and keeping everyone safe”

Truro, NS

“I had a new baby in the middle of the pandemic. It was the most nerve-wracking experience! Shes now almost 8 months old and is finally meeting all of her family and exploring”

McLellans Brook, NS

“I’ve out into practice all the sanitation and safety learned in Aesthetic school + and also got creative with spa packages and schedule, to ensure everyone’s safety and making certain all staff are fully vaccinated”

Cheryl Sue

“Not only Covid was horrific but I lost my job,my reoccurrence of breast cancer came back after two years which I had to have a double mastectomy all in the Covid year and a half. What else can go wrong not finding a job because of my age and experience since all of thirty six years of working having only two”

Brampton, ON

“Clients must wear masks, everything is sterilized and sanitized. My clients need me so I do what I need to do to protect them and myself.”

Hamilton, ON

“My #StickItToCOVID story was having 1 week left till graduation from Esthetics school having to do everything a second time online and going back 4 months later to ACE all my finals then acing my Licensing Exam.”


“Got my 2 shots, my super flu shot, wearing a mask and being very careful protecting myself and my clients at all times”

Toronto, ON

“I managed to keep and work my full time job at a retirement home all throughout COVID and got my makeup artists certification!”

Richmond Hill, ON

“I was able to add a team member & upgrade what was required to still provide services & reduce the spread of covid through the highest standards recommended by our health experts! :)”

Dartmouth, NS

“Covid may have slowed down but it never stopped me from pursuing my dreams #StickItToCOVID”

Hamilton, ON

“Gotta work harder and smarter through this pandemic!”

Penticton, BC

“Hi ,During covid I changed my policies to accommodate all clients in order to reopen. I worked 7 days a week to make sure all my clients were able to come in for their care when i reopened. I supplied masks, provided clients with small bottles of hand sanitizers to keep on their person to help reduce risks when in public, and kept in contact to help with nail care during lock downs.”

Beiseker, AB

“I continue to believe in my gift of hairstyling therefore I am doing everything within my power to promote, continue learning, and have confidence in my business growing!”


Had Covid in November 2020. The Lord brought us through I got my vaccine in April 2020


“I am very grateful that My business survived Covid. It was very difficult durning our lock downs. I am now in the process of doing renovations to grow our salon! So I feel like because of my amazing staff and loyal clients we are able to grow!”

Halifax, NS

“I have lost 50% of my clients with every shutdown”

Beaumont, AB

“Was I was renting a chair for over 20 years .when covid hit the owner decided he wanted out so the salon closed . It was devastating at the time doing locked down and no salon to go back to . So I started reaching out into the community and reconnecting with stylist I had worked with years ago. I was able to secure a chair at a salon close to my old salon and brought 4 other stylist over with me . This gave me the opportunity to restructure my my pricing and the way I work .over all things turned out for the best sometimes we have to be forced into change .”

Vancouver, BC

“It has been difficult and stressful for everyone . Covid has opened my eyes and realized that life is short and to do the best I can during this borrowed journey.”

Athonville, NB

“On March 14th, 2021-My sons 12th Birthday-Covid Announcement day prior-plans for spring break cancelled. To make light of things he asked for the family to go for a bike ride, 2 hours in and on the way home, my daughter was flung off he bike results in 3 impacted front teeth, also notified of the dental conference DT exposure outbreak with dental office closures Rushed to emergency to see if we could save her teeth but told a week later she’ll need implants, gum & bone grafting. $30000. Dollar reconstruction later end of the road to prepare for lifetime upkeep. That is my #StickittoCovidStory.”

Burnaby, BC

“We’ve been doing great here in Nova Scotia! We can do all services for our wonderful clients #stickitToCOVID!”

Halifax, NS

“Was in college in the begging, took a lot more work and longer than it should’ve to end up licensed but in the end was totally worth it!!”

Moncton, NB

“I created an online lashlift course for fellow beauty professionals to increase their service list upon reopening and to improve their skillset so that they can come back with even more to offer their clients. This also helped to keep my own business alive while helping other beauty professionals in the process.”

Thornhill, ON

“My doors are open, as long as my clients are not sick! I have a very loyal client base that wants pretty nails, so they all follow the rules to keep me open!”

Pincher Creek, AB

“Following health orders and recommendations, using pre-empt rtu and cs20, managing to stay working and stay healthy!”

Kelowna, BC

“Didn’t let COVID bring me down came back to work more inspired to make hair reflect beauty around me !”

Eastern Passage, NS

“Went back to school in sept 2020 for medical esthetics and now I work at the biggest day spa in my city”

Ottawa, ON

“Since the beginning of covid I have switched to online training, virtual consultations and treatments. I actually made more money during covid than the year before and was able to see more clients.”

Vancouver, BC

“With Covid becoming such a high demand for cleanliness it has affected my business dramatically for not being able to do it from the office to not being able to do it at home. I am going home to home”

Yorkton, SK

“I got covid in January 2021 and it was the worst sickness of my life. I’m still dealing with complications from it.”

Delta, BC

“beside like everyone else I wasn’t able to work much in the last two years my Dad passed away and I haven’t seen my brother and his family who live outside of Vegas since the passing of our Dad 2 years ago. I’m done with this craziness and can’t wait to see then all and I stick it to covid by not letting this change my positive attitude and helping bring joy to others along the way”

Brooks, AB

“I believe I contracted Covid March 2019 but wasn’t able to be tested and now have had a lung X-ray which shows scaring but I did get double vaxed (phizer) and I continue to practice safe protocols”

Belle River, ON

“I opened a beauty supply store right in the middle of covid closures. I stay strong g and kept pushing through because it was always my dream to have my own beauty store.”

Barrie, ON

“Received 2 vaccines so I’m capable of traveling to U.S.”

Calgary, AB

“Lost my job and finally decided now is the time. Go to hair school. During a pandemic. With small class sized and a group of amazing other passionate people. Then I moved to my dream town and got an apprenticeship at my dream salon!!!!”

Britannia Beach, BC

“I’m fully vaccinated”

Saskatoon, SK

“I’m so happy to have a flourishing business despite the pandemic!”

Calgary, AB

“Home based nail tech where nails are life; second only to my son that supports every aspect of my business!!!”

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

“Always wear my mask”

Kelowna, BC

“I received my Esthetician License in April of 2021 and opened my shop in May of 2021 !!”

Sackville, NB

“My store went to BlanchMacdonlds school and the Covid hit Never give up.”

Burnaby, BC

“I got both vaccinations for covid and am using precautionary measures(social distancing, sanitizers on all equipment & hands & wearing a mask) as a regular practice to stick it to covid.”

Wynyard, SK

“I will not comply!”

Windsor, ON

“I got both my covid shots”

Red Deer, AB

“I lost my full time job during the first part of covid, however this allowed me to take on my home business full time. It was a blessing in disguise”

Airdrie, AB

“I am 41 and decided to take a esthetician course and really glad that I did!! Weamm Khatib”

Calgary, AB

“I finally followed my passion and became a Medical Aesthetician!”

Redwood Meadows, AB


Edmonton, AB

“Stayed a way from most people, after that I got my two shots. Now I am waiting for my third shot. Thanks. SB”

Stony Plain, AB

“I’m an RN who went back to school to get my Diploma in Advanced Clinical Esthetics. It was cut short because of the pandemic, but I graduated a few months later and opened my business during the height of it all! Being safe and pushing through is all I could do, but it’s been an amazing start to a hopefully incredible career.”

Chauvin, AB

“I decided it was time to change my career. I went back to school and received my advanced clinical esthetician diploma”

Elkford, BC

“I started my business at the beginning of Covid and my business is THRIVING!”

Thornhill, ON

“My first dose and second dose vaccine will be ok”

Ma Teresa
Shediac, NB

“Getting locked down for months over the past couple of years has put my business on pause but I am back once again doing what I love. I use Preempt CS20 every day and it keeps me and my clients safe. The lockdowns have given me plenty of time to re-build my online presence and stay connected with my clients.”

Longlac, ON

“My story is a fairly simple one compared to the covid tale. Let me star by saying I am double vaccinated and try yo follow the rules daily. I work for my self in my Lil hairy home salon and live every minute of it…. I can keep on top of all that takes place, as best i can, to keep the Covid19 beast at bay….so far, so good and with #preempt help continue doing the best I can #stickittocovid …. We will beat this”

Saint John, NB

“My son had COVID-19 not once, but twice and survived!!”

Selkirk, MB

“Got both my shots as soon as I was eligible! I also got covid in April and #stuckittocovid then too!”

Drumheller, AB

“I opened my own self care clinic offering massage and skin care services.”

Calgary, AB

“My sister had it was really scary”

St Catharines, ON

“I got it, as well as my whole family, and we all beat it!”

Cochrane, AB

“I was on maternity leave when covid first hit. I couldn’t go back to work once my maternity leave was over because of the shut down. It was aweful not being able to do what I love! I’m glad to finally be back at my nail table making all my clients feel amazing!”

Thunder Bay, ON

“Covid Stinks! I was off work on a medical and mental health leave. In the beginning of 2020 as people were getting sicker (pre covid). Health services were getting harder to access. Then Covid was officially confirmed, my mental health deteriorated more so. EI, Physio, chiropractor, massage therapy, counselling all got put on hold. Skip to present day. Financially drained (am not able to return to my field of 30 yrs, mental health, attempted a 2nd careers opportunity but was unable to do the college online, access to resources was limited. I could use and enjoy a beauty package as I have been neglected myself. Thanks for the opportunity”

Chelmsford, ON

“I’ve been doing all I’m committed to doing so I’m starting to live my life again within reason. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”

Saskatoon, SK

“I want my life back please”

St. Albert, AB

“I went outside my comfort zone during Covid and took some esthetic courses and have started to work from home!”

Silton, SK

“I feel forever grateful to my clientele for sticking with me, keeping me busier than ever, supporting me with retail sales & referrals constantly!”

Gibsons, BC

“Became fully licensed right before the second lockdown working hard to support myself and my kids through the pandemic”

Brockville, ON

“Was a hard time off but took advanged . But took a lot of all on line coarses”

Orillia, ON

“Back to work and so happy to see my clients. It was a long wait.”

Orillia, ON

“Get your vaccination”

Edmonton, AB

“Got both my vaccines as soon as I could to protect myself and my guests. Refuse to let Covid get my guests down and help them feel better by giving them awesome hair. Continue my hair education online!”

Surrey, BC

“Survived all the lockdowns, it’s been very difficult, created an e-commerce website and I’m still trying. The mind of the consumer has changed so much. Hoping things turn around for the better soon! Clients are slowly returning. #stickittocovid”

Mississauga, ON

“My best friend lost her brother to Covid, #StickIttoCOVID”

Lethbridge, AB

“I was working at my current salon as an Associate for 7 months (still in school for 5 of those months) and when I finally hit the floor to begin my Apprenticeship Covid hit and little did I know we would face 3 more lockdowns! I spent every lockdown learning and practicing and came back from everyone any with stronger skills and better knowledge! No pandemic was going to slow me down!”

Collingwood, ON

“We’re in lockdown and no work due to covid barely made it”

Milton, ON

“I lost 75lbs and got the job of my dreams thanks to COVID!”

Rocky View County, AB

“I drum and sing and dance at home to chase away the covid blues!”

London, ON

“get the vax…is all I can say”

Truro Heights, NS

“Preempt has been my life in my spa room #stickittocovid”

Oshawa, ON

“I’ve done webinars, classes, courses and home care kits to stay current during Covid lockdowns. I run my own business from Home. I’ve used PreEmpt for the past 9Years out of the 15 years in the industry.”

Calgary, AB

“When covid came my work went down a lot, then to nothing once the restrictions came and everyone had to close. During that I got really depressed and down thinking I could never come back up from this.. until I pushed myself to keep going and try new things. That lead to making my own acrylic colours and practicing new techniques and designs. It took a lot of money and time but I couldn’t be more proud of myself for how far I’ve came. I would doubt myself all the time but I actually look at this in such a positive manner that if covid never came I would have never accomplished what I have done and how far I have came. Thank you for your time”

Windsor, ON

“As soon as I was able to get back to work, I made sure that I was being super careful using all of my PREempt Products and refuse to be scared to do what I love!”

Vernon, BC

“Instead of losing my pretty red locks and amazing skin I learned how to look after myself inside and out while avoiding Covid at the same time. There’s no way I would let it get me down so I made friends with my roots in between colours and then I just started doing my own and got the same results. Screw you Covid! I still have amazing hasir!”

Langley, BC

“The come back is greater the The set back ..survived 3 lockdowns busier now then I ever was .#stickIToCOVID”

Hamilton, ON

“I don’t like COVID, I feel it’s just tearing people down and apart. I just wanted to throw positive vibes on everyone and everything.”

Dartmouth, NS

“I started school during the covid outbreak and landed a job where I done my work term. I can not thank my coworkers enough for the amount of education they have gave me”

Lewisporte, NL

“I opened my spa at the end of 2019 so COVID presented some serious challenges. I somehow managed to hold on and even moved to a larger location when we re-opened!!! I’m so happy to be back! #StickItToCOVID”

Sudbury, ON

“Surviving by following the social distancing”

Red Deer, AB

“During covid shutdown I built my home based business. I am currently open and going super strong.”

Falmouth, NS

“Double vaccinated!!!!!”

Saskatoon, SK

“2h3n I could not longer get my nails done I started off buying Amazon kits of polygel realizing I had a back for it I payed for schooling and got licenced and certified in the nail industry and began buying up products tools and equipment..I call it my Covid come up!! Now I have a business”

London, ON

“My boyfriend’s parents got COVID last year and somehow we managed not to get infected despite being around them regularly before we knew. Once the vaccine came out we were on the ball to stick it to COVID as we didn’t want to go through what they did!”

Saskatoon, SK

“Business has picked up since we are aloud to open again. Learned a few new skills during the break #stickittocovid”

Vanier, ON

“I was off work for 2 months during the pandemic. I used that time to take infection control courses so I would be as prepared as possible to come back to work and offer my clients safe treatments . We’ve had 0 transmission through our spa!”

Vancouver, BC

“Following covid-19 protocols”

Meteghan, NS

“Took advantage of free time , on line reading and Joined courses to for improvement of my work , studied microneedling books and workshops , lot of walk to improve health, spent time with my self and family .”

Mississauga, ON

“I #StuckItToCovid so that I could visit my family again safely!”

Saskatoon, SK

“My story revolves around being resourceful and not negative. When times are tough, the tough get going. I have been learning new skills and will be announcing all my services soon!”

Brantford, ON

“A little over one year ago, Janelle Efoda and Jessie Porter were so excited to start a business that they jumped in headfirst. Having both worked in the beauty industry for quite some time, one in aesthetics and the other in cosmetology, they saw a need for a beauty supply store in their home town of Terrace, BC. There wasn’t anything like it within a 240 mile radius, so they saw a great business opportunity. However, shortly after investing in a retail space and opening Twisted Orchid in early 2020 the government began to shut things down as a result of the global pandemic Rather than give up their business dream the pair took advantage of the restrictions and threw everything they had into renovating their shopfront. Using locally sourced up-cycled and repurposed materials they transformed their space into what it is today; a reflection of their business values of minimal environmental impact and ethical, cruelty free beauty products. They take care in considering the products they choose to stock so they can confidently stand behind every one. Their professional section supplies licensed beauty professionals with cruelty-free hair products, skin care and other basic supplies needed for salon and spa services. They have also recently opened a new Retail section in their store where anyone is welcome to come in and shop for hair and skin care products, even without a license.”

Twisted Orchid Beauty
Thornhill, BC

“We have survived many waves of covid. As a representative of my company, I would like to thank you for your great collaboration, which has allowed us to educate our customers on the proper use of disinfectants and sanitizers.”

Saint-Donat-De-Montcalm, QC

“From doorknobs to floors and everything in between, making sure my space is as safe as I can make it has meant a lot to my clients over the past year+. I’m so happy that inspectors and government in BC both recognize how much ahead of the curve and how seriously we take disinfection protocols. It’s a great feeling to have clients tell me that they wish I’d open my space to include all beauty pros because they never worry that my space would be unsafe. That just fills my heart, that they know I care.”

Kelowna, BC

“Covid has been a blessing and a curse in retrospect. Like many of us I had to close th edors to my home based salon due to the lockdown. This was my only source of income – with that I became depress and worried. Prior to covid I had a consistent clientele with goals of expanding my services and to serve a wider community. Covid put a dent in that goal. During lockdown I managed to create a new business goal. This goal was to move into a bigger and better salon with natural lighting. I wrote down my plan, envisioned what I wanted. 3-4 months after the lockdown I moved into a bigger and better lash studio. I have been working hard ever since to accomplish more big goals. Challenges build resilience and inspires success!”

Halifax, NS

“really sucks and the government”

Pickering, ON

“Brand new business during Covid”

North Vancouver, BC

“I don’t really have one, I graduated from makeup school in the middle of the pandemic. Just doing my best now”

Vancouver, BC

“I open up a beauty lounge 1.5months before Covid happened and shut down was in place in my once for beauty services. But I still managed to survived and keep my doors open.”

New Westminster, BC

“We are a Wholesale Beauty Supplier and Education Center so when Covid hit and most Spas and Salons were closed down, we came up with inventive ideas so that our accounts could not only use this time to learn new skills and learn about the products we carry, but so that they could maintain income and stay in touch with their clients. We quickly put into place online learning courses that were accessible to our accounts based on their time tables. We also put together ‘care packages’ that they could sell to their clients and offered Dropshipping so that they could get the products their clients needed promptly and efficiently. By offering such services we were able to support our accounts and help them to think out of the box” to keep moving forward in such a difficult time.”

Edmonton, AB

“Had to close my salon, move to a new town, now working for someone else.”

Cranberry Portage, MB

“I went back to school after being laid off. Just about completed the massage therapy program.”

Edmonton, AB

“I am so ready to move on from this and come out stronger than before #stickittocovid”

Sarnia, ON

“Our family is vaccinated and I took the work safe covid course to keep my clients safe.”

Meadow Lake, SK

“Had 2 vaccine and still get covid”

Toronto, ON

“Even though we had to shut down numerous times it hasn’t slowed down my business!”

Red Deer, AB

“I’m so ready for things to get back to normal! My story is so similar to many other people in this industry!”

Stratford, ON

“I learned the value of a work life balance. No more workaholic weeks!”

Dayton, NS

“After experiencing 3 long lockdowns, it has made me so much more great full for the guests that waited for me during those difficult times. They are so appreciative of the extra measures I have taken and continue to follow. Our industry is the best in sanitation!”

Welland, ON

“I have worked in marketing for the past 15 years because of covid I lost all my contracts so I went back to school and now own my lash and brow bar & to be honest it’s been the best worst thing to happen to me.”

Fort Mcmurray, AB

“My #StickItToCovid story. With multiple and long shut downs due to Covid, my business partner and I started brainstorming and we took our business from a salon suite to a store front? Making our dream a reality. We took the lockdowns as motivation to help our business grow and succeed.”

Burlington, ON

“Just started my own business in a suite in January 2020, to be locked down 2 months later. With Peel region having the longest 2 lock downs in North America, my business partner and I decided to move and expand our salon to Halton region. We now just opened a storefront space in Oakville, Ontario! Now we don’t have to worry about capacity restrictions, and can get back to a more normal work setting.”

Burlington, ON

“Through out lockdown I made sure to keep at my skills and update my techniques through education and practice”

North York, ON

“I AM DONE! It is time to continue walking FORWARD with family and community, in a safe and healthy way, as we all recover from this horrific global disease.”

Mississauga, ON

“I had Covid and ended up in ICU – so sick of Covid ruining this world”

Huntsville, ON

“Time to Live Again”

Thunder Bay, ON

“How I #StickItToCovid is that I stayed inside and still am staying inside with my little family. I’m saddened because my girl who is 6 months hasn’t explored the outside world because I don’t like taking her for walks or in general the public. I hate that COVID is in effect and it needs to go far far away. Which I don’t think will happen anytime soon. But how I stuck to it is by listening to the government, following rules and wearing a mask. It’s not mandatory to get a vaccine just yet but your supposed too. I’d rather eat organic food, stay inside, and isolate than get a shot!”

Saskatoon, SK

“Survived COVID Alpha variant in April, I was on life support as I went into pulmonary failure. It was great to go back to work on June 1st when we opened back up. My coworkers and our clients were all so amazing and understanding.”

Morinville, AB

“Preempt wipes allowed me to reopen my business asap after lockdown! I’m mobile so I go through a lot and my clients love to see the professional packaging!”

Burnaby, BC

“I have just started my own lash extension business in downtown Kelowna, BC called Milky Way Lashes! Even though COVID makes it a bit harder I won’t let that stop me! “

Kelowna, BC

“Covid induced self care made a habit to take time out for”

Hamilton, ON

“Covid slowed my aesthetic/massage business to almost a complete stop, but I was able to change protocols and regain momentum!”

Chilliwack, BC

“#StickItToCovid. It was hard not seeing family and friends. Double vaxed and able to see family once again. My wish for everyone: good health and safe social distancing.”

Stonewall, MB

“Opened my first spa business during covid!”

Pickering, ON

“It has been stressful but I thank God im safe.”

Calgary, AB

“Had a vivid baby so I could stay home and avoid covid!”

Trail, BC

“Follow the rules and get the Vax”

Glace Bay, NS

“After being shut down for 2 months back at it trying to keep up with the ever changing rules and guidelines #StickItToCOVID”

Lake Lenore, SK

“After being mandated to close 3 separate times in the past 18months we are still here! Our clients have supported us all the way through we have come back stronger & more effective as a team #stickittocovid”

Winnipeg, MB

“I’ve always gone above and beyond with cleanliness in my studio using PreEmpt. COVID I just the reason people KNOW I go above and beyond now. #stickittocovid”

St Thomas, ON

“Stayed at home till I got vaccinated.”

Markham, ON

“Stay home mom”

Kristy Ann
Targettville, NB

“Had covid in our house three times and I’m over it. Time to get back to early 2019”

Surrey, BC

“I followed all the rules”

Edmonton, AB

“I was on maternity leave in 2019 and due back to work June of 2020. I could have never of thought that this is what I’d be coming back to! I was afraid to go back with such a young baby at home but needed it for my sanity. I can tell you it’s the best thing I could have done! Business was booming and people were dying to get out and have some normalcy. I felt so empowered that I was the one to make these people feel their best in such a hard unprecedented time 🙂 I found my passion again for the industry #stickittocovid”

Surrey, BC

“Started doing custom press on nails during COCID shut down.”

Thunder Bay, ON

“COVID has made us all appreciate each other so much more. I feel so blessed to spend everyday with clients that appreciate good conversations, laughs, and life. #StickItToCovid”

Moose Jaw, SK

“The same as everyone else we get hurt by the Covid”

Markham, ON

“I just keep trucking through this pandemic, working as hard as I can to keep my books full, and because I’m a nurse I already do all of the normal cleaning routine that everyone else is doing now, because I’m a neat freak!”

Sherwood Park, AB

“I’m unvaccinated!!!!”

Belle Ewart, ON

“I was closed for the lockdown from March – June I have had my business 24 years it was the worst time in my working career financially I was not eligible for any funding because I work alone and most funding was for businesses with employees but I mad it through. Then opened again June 2 then November 1 my dad went into cardiac arrest and while I was doing chest compressions on him and the ambulance came my mom suffered a stroke at that exact moment. They were in the hospital out of my town for a month so again I had to close the salon because my family comes first. So finally I opened up again December 1 and it’s been a tough time to get busy again but I know it will come. My parents are doing amazing so I know my business will be amazing soon enough. #StickitTo COVID! Time for a better future for all of us in this industry it’s been a tough 2020/21 but I know 2022 is going to be a amazing year! Roberta Revelstoke BC”

Revelstoke, BC

“I left the salon I started my career at and started my own business.”

Alyssa Lauckner
Delta, BC

“Almost ready to go for my first Covid shoot”

Toronto, ON

“Stylists have suffered. Our clients have suffered. #StickItToCOVID”

Sarnia, ON

“Business has changed so much since covid! I have high hopes that one day it will turn around.”

Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

“Having experienced Covid-19, I realize the impact it can have on people and the community, and know how easy it can spread. The most important thing to me is wearing masks and having extra sanitization protocols. I want to keep my clients as safe as possible, they have always been so supportive, and I want to do my part in keeping them healthy! So #StickItToCovid and let’s all work together to keep the beauty industry safe and welcoming”

Victoria, BC

“During shut down I was able to renovate and organize my salon to better service my clients and also complete an online class to offer a new service!”

Stephenville, NL

“I survived 2 lock downs and I’m now still as busy as ever”

Flatrock, NL

“I have asthma and struggle sometimes with the mask and all the cleaning now required PREempt actually is the only sanitizer I can use and not react Gotta say when your coughing like crazy during a pandemic you definitely need to explain a lot”

Maple Ridge, BC

“I had Covid, I was sick for 10 days i used plants i harvest for medicine in the summertime.it helped me deal with some of the symptoms. I sterilized everything when i was in my living room, no one else in my home got sick. I value time with family.. I live a healthy lifestyle, I value life.”

Kitimat, BC

“I always wear a mask every where I go and always disinfect my hands”

Montreal, QC

“I kept positive and kept myChair a drama COVID free zone. So my guests can relax and not worry about the world for a while”

Red Deer, AB

“Got vaccinated, wear masks 100% of the time, don’t congregate in large groups, doing my part!”

Whitby, ON

“Covid sucks”

West Kelowna, BC

“I had COVID in may contracted by a coworker in the salon! We were out for almost a month! Now 6 months later, I’ve left said salon & opened my own that offers hair services, pedicures and facial waxing!!! I’m so incredibly happy! I thought COVID would be the end of my career but it truly kickstarted it for the better!!! Also, thank god for PREempt products I use them in my space to sanitize and disinfect surfaces for all my clients & myself to enjoy!!”

Trail, BC

“In this industry the professional Estheticians I know, have grown and changed continuously to evolve with this ever expanding profession of cosmetology.. Well well, if we have had a whirlwind of CHANGE in our industry over the last two years, EH!? Thank goodness for hospital grade disinfectants like Pre-Empt. My Covid story is about uplifting people in a fear-stricken world. We must remember what we do this for and why. As a college instructor at a Nova Scotia Aesthetics College I knew that tensions would be high after the first outbreak. My job as a leader to new esthetician’s lash technician and waxologists, is to uplift and share in people’s passions. No way I will let a virus stop this class or any other class from being successful. The consensus from my students was that they were not “comfortable”. Their opinion is valid but as I reiterated to them, we are going to be the safest province for practicing now due to our fabulous Pre-Empt Products and our association’s strict guidelines of infection control. People are prone to wanting comfort, but what is comfort? Being comfortable is, a resting phase, choosing to stand still over growing, taking the easy way if Covid has taught my students anything it is that there is no easy path to a prosperous life. After all not one girl is ready to take their first client, but they thrive after wards and reward themselves for doing it anyway. Pushing people out of their comfort zones is my profession so what was different about a pandemic? Positivity is A hard concept without a global pandemic but every day we practiced affirmations and focused on the good in the world because there is still so much good .Being an esthetician isn’t about doing nails it is about making people feel their best, experience joy and connection where they might not have.. We adapt, by being adaptable we grow more then we ever thought we could. We grow in times of trauma and stress, just as the tree starts as a seed, we build the necessary coping mechanisms to deal with the changes in our industry. So I say bring on the change/ we can adapt <3″

Halifax, NS

“Between all the ups and downs of getting shut down 3 times, COVID has really affected our business. We were very slow when we were open and COVID in our province has not been handled well. We have still managed to maintain our business and help our clients feel beautiful!”

St. Albert, AB

“I had to enter this industry because of covid and glad to know who to stay safe and keep my clients safe too”

Dartmouth, NS

“Sick of The harsh lockdowns”

Edmonton, AB

“I started my career in September of 2019 and have worked tirelessly to build clientele, and learn so much through this pandemic and perfecting my skills as an esthenetician! Education has always been incredibly important to me so during lock downs I have tired to advance my career by learning new techniques or new services to allow more services to my clients! I have been looking for ways to start my own business during this pandemic and this will get me one step closer to achieve my goal of owning my own business in the beauty industry”

Rimbey, AB

“I’ve chosen to have hope that the beauty industry will turn around. I just can’t quit, that’s my motto. I run my own salon in my house and I’m still a viable business. We all have to do our best to stay positive and wait out the storm. Peace and love to everyone in this industry, we’ll come out the other side!!”

Edmonton, AB

“This is not much of a story. But when keeping up with proper cleaning, sanitizing, & sterilization practices within my spa my clients have complete comfort in coming in for treatment. They feel very safe. #Stickittocovid.”

Salford, ON

“I survived 3 lockdowns and my business is great!”

Grande Prairie, AB

“Covid has hit us all in one way or another. Between knowing what you can and cannot do is extremely frustrating but seeing smiles on my clients faces once their nails are done again is worth it. In this industry we are always disinfecting and sanitizing at all times, if it means doing more to keep my clients safe and happy well that’s what we do.”

Bowden, AB

“I wear a mask and sanitize my hands.”

Hamilton, ON

“Quebec was really strict with covid so it was really hard to keep clients coming back after closing and opening.. so I did special deals and draws to keep my clients in the loop when i had to close.”

Harrington Harbour, QC

“I’m so sick of being shut down so many times when all I’ve done is listen to the rules I am double vaccinated and would like to keep my doors open so please everybody do your part”

Whitecourt, AB

“I don’t have much of a story as I was on maternity leave for a year into covid. Came back for a month or two and then a lockdown hit, worked a few months and needed surgery. I’m so proud of the Salon I work at and my boss for pushing through the pandemic! I would definitely share my winnings with the ladies <3”

Edmonton, AB

“I have owned my own hair salon for 29 years and still counting!! COVID had me shut down for 3 months in 2020 and 1 month in 2021. I took the time off and redecorated my salon and did a few online courses, I am back busier than ever!”

Norman's Cove-Long Cove, NL

“Even during covid I still went to school to be a hairdresser”

Calgary, AB

“I went to school back in 2018 to be an esthetician and 2020 was really getting to me to I went back to school and became a nail tech as well. Best thing I ever did!”

Calgary, AB

“I was in school for 3 weeks when everything got shut down. I finished later than expected, but with a 4.0 GPA! So proud. I decided to start a Mobile Spa, so people who can’t get out or aren’t comfortable going out, can still get pampered! So far this year I’ve had to close multiple times, but I keep pushing through! My clients are grateful for the traveling service, and I’m grateful they picked me as their new Estie-bestie!”

Port Hope, ON

“Always use hand sanitizers , PREempt wipes to clean between services. I like many stylists have been sure to stick to protocol. I am someone who has actually contacted covid , I followed protocol to a T.I tracked my clients and None thankfully contacted COVID through me nor did they bring it into the salon. I am grateful for that. Sadly, I’m a covid long hauler but I am remaining positive.”

Kamloops, BC

“Frustrated with the restrictions but so happy to be working.”

London, ON

“Trying to keep everyone safe”

Avondale, NL

“Cleaning and the upmost respect to every client”

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, NL

“Love Preempt, I use it all over my salon!”

Fort St. John, BC

#StickItToCOVID “”Doing all we can to keep our clients, and ourselves safe during their visits with us.””

Calgary, AB

“Love PREempt!”

Thunder Bay, ON

“I made a huge career shift on February 15 2020, I left my career of 6.5 years and jumped full force into the hair world after juggling both hair and a job as a mental health worker. After only a month in we shut down due to the pandemic. I had months to sit at home and think if I made the right choice. I really struggled and almost felt like a failure since I got into the hairstylist world later on in my life. This pandemic almost stole my dream to be a hairstylist and even affected my mental health. After much thought and finally being able to return I am thankfully back on track building myself up in the hairstyling world and accomplishing all the goals I set for myself.”

Brampton, ON

“Due to covid I lost my job working at a commission salon, now I am operating my own business and opening my own studio soon!”

Stratton, ON

“Although the anxiety of coming after being shut down for so long it felt different this time because I think I knew this time we truly were gonna fight and stick together even more to get through these hard times. Blessed to have such a wonderful team backing us up and protecting us and our clients loved ones and friends so we can keep beautifying the world”

Thunder Bay, ON

“Our new normal is keeping my staff and clients safe.”

Thunder Bay, ON

“I opened my new salon in December of 2020 despite the pandemic and it hasn’t slowed us down at all! #StickItToCOVID”

Penticton, BC

“Keeping the salon clean with the use of PREempt products keeping our team and guest safe “

Kamloops, BC

“I’m still here! Over covid I rebuilt my business and now offering online nail education and now that we are open, in person. Education! “

Thunder Bay, ON

“After months of lockdown and finally being able to get back to work I feel we all just want to stick it to covid lol so happy to be back doing what I love!”

Greater Sudbury, ON

“No story just use it 100% every day between clients Love the product.. “

Dry Gulch, BC

“Had to install a 23,000 vent system to be reopen to keep my clients safer.”

Winnipeg, MB

“With help of all the cleaning products from Icon, I was able to go back to work at the salon with confidence.

Abbotsford, BC

Ready to keep things clean & keep things going!”

Lac la Hache, BC

Clean and disinfect more and more its my life.”

Oro-Medonte, ON

I’m doing my part to keep others safe.”

Saskatoon, SK

Lots of extra cleaning taking place to keep everyone safe. It has also allowed me to related with my clients on a whole new level as our world changes each day.”

Biggar, SK

Ready to get back in full force offering a piece of mind to clients knowing that proper sanitation methods are being carried out!”

Calgary, AB

Feeling confident that my salon is clean & disinfected and ready for clients when using PREempt.”

Calgary, AB

I #stickittocovid by going to work and being vaccinated!”

Saskatoon, SK

Locked down for 3 times! Let’s stay open. ????????”

Vaughan, ON

I’m a junior hairstylist who entered the beauty industry just as COVID-19 was making its mark across the world. So many people in our industry were put on pause through lockdowns and outbreaks, making many things uncertain. Being so new, with so many new things implemented in our industry – I jumped into a whole new world of hair as we worked together to support each other in new ways, making new connections and supporting each other in ways I’ve never experienced before. I quickly lit a new fire within myself, taking any and all extra education I could find, pushing myself out of comfort zones and entering hair competition to pass the time, expanding my knowledge and perfecting my new skill set. I knew we had an impact on people as stylist, but I didn’t truly understand the depth we touched until lockdowns were lifted and I now became a support system to those in my chair, listening to their stories and how much it effected everyone’s lives – in so many different ways. Though we have yet to see the pandemic come to an end, one thing I know for sure is that I am stronger than the obstacles thrown in our way. I am resilient. I am capable and I love what I do, more than ever before. The comeback is always greater than our set backs!!”

Regina, SK

I am one of the Lucky ones, have not stopped working while our film sets have been a little more COVID Friendly, and our hugs have been few…. Working with actors while wearing PPE Gear to keep us safe, I haven’t missed a beat! Love styling and smiling, your just have to safe, we are in a different time in the Industry. Grateful to still be able to do what I Love. ????????‍♀️????????”

Toronto, ON

Double vaccinated & doing my part to keep my work space clean by using PREempt! Can’t wait to travel again!”

Gander, NL

I’ve changed my hair about 7 times! I’m so excited to go back to doing other peoples hair.”

Belleoram, NL

In this very crazy time I will open a Salon! Tach of elegance is my baby.”

Winkler, MB

Being forced closed during a covid lockdown was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced! I’m so extremely happy to be back in the studio making my clients beautiful again! Preempt has been with me from the beginning of my career. I pride myself to share a clean and safe studio with my clients and I love my career. This past two years have not been easy on someone like me who is self employed. Given the chance to win anything, I’d be so happy! Thank you for the opportunity!”

Winnipeg, MB

Covid has been tough.”

Cocagne, NB

Ugh sums it up well. On top of having my small home studio closed for each lockdown I ended up in critical care with Covid. Now I am only able to work part time as I have long haul health issues from having Covid! So I def say #stickittoCovid!!!!!”

London, ON

I made one of the biggest jumps in my career to date during the pandemic. I took my future into own hands and became a chair renter. After 14years, I’m finally working for myself. Lockdowns sure give you time to think lol.”

London, ON

Working in my home based studio I gave the utmost care and concern for not only my family but of each guest as well. I use my PREempt products diligently as I know they ask trust me to keep them safe at all times. From the cleaning and sanitizing of the studio and tools to everywhere in the home….ie: bathrooms, sinks, handles and so much more. I cannot thank the industry enough for having these safety products on hand for all of to use to do our part in this everyday environment.”

Lethbridge, ON

“The Covid shutdown really took a hit to my “booming” business. I was the most busy I had been since I went on my own in 2017. I was working 12-16 hours 6 days a week! So when I got shut down it was a huge adjustment in so many ways! But it was a much needed break , a break I did know I needed! When I was able to reopen I was scared, thought I would struggle to get my clientele back… but luckily I got most of my clients to return and so many new ones!! Business is back booming ! Covid didn’t stop my lovely clients from coming back!”

Stephenville, NL

“Now that we are back open I’m teaching nail classes to the newer graduates since we don’t have the opportunities of the cntc because of covid! BUT that wont stop us from learning! #stickittocovid”

Cocagne, NB

“I left a company I helped build for 6 years because they were not following covid guidelines. I got my certificate in barbicide knowledge and continued to disinfect between clients, new capes and masks. As well as getting vaccinated to help stop the spread!”

Perdue, SK

“I’m a nail technician in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. We were shut down for about 3 months when covid first broke out. I’ve been back working in the salon now since June 2020.”

Prince Albert, SK

“We were closed for almost 3 months, and thanks to PREempt and some amazing Protocols our community felt safe coming to our establishment. We remained a Covid free environment and experienced some of the busiest months since opening 5 years ago.”

Langley, BC

“I wear masks with all clients and have hand sanitizer available and gloves if needed. My customers wear masks as well and hand sanitize. Nothing will come in the way of true beauty!!”

Lethbridge, AB

“I opened my salon 2 weeks before COVID shut down all nail salons in BC. I spent my time doing courses offered by other nail technicians and re opened once restrictions were lifted.”

Keremeos, BC

“I took my space in Feb 2020 to open my lash studio after getting certified in 2019, saving and working towards opening my lash studio. Enter covid in March. Despite the challenges I was able to retain all of my clients after each lockdown and am now taking a larger space on the main street of our small town.”

Stayner, ON

“I closed my salon at the beginning of COVID, due to living somewhere with very tight restrictions. I kept on top of my game with continuing education (a lot of it!!) and now that things are opening up again, I’m reopening my salon in a new city! Back, and better than ever!!!”

Prince Albert, SK

“I am a certifying nail technician in Fort McMurray, AB. I started my certification during the pandemic because I needed to find a way to do my own nails. I am loving being my own boss and meeting new clients. Covid has definitely made it harder to start up my home business but I’m actually enjoying the challenge.”

Fort McMurray, AB

“Got my certification during covid and ready to say goodbye to covid to be able to service more clients.”

Corner Brook, NL

“Covid has sucked and we’ve been through also much but making sure our workspace and our clients are safe at all times is by using great products to clean and sanitize and keeping our mental health and physical health up and creating a community where everyone feel safe to come to your space that’s how we stick it to Covid and how I have continued to stick it to Covid is by doing all of the above and continually educating myself and being Sent and hoping that this will all be over so soon!”

Langley, BC

“After being closed for close to a year due to covid although our line of work is held to the highest standard of sterility. Nothing changed for us in our process of sterilization as we already take all precautions in that sense. The only thing added to our profession was masks and limits on the amount of people we see a day. So suck it covid for taking away so many things from us!”

Thunder Bay, ON


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